Bartica Town, Region Seven, hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk on Sunday,October 30th,2022 that commenced at the historical Cenotaph Area, and wended it’s way Southernly along First Avenue,West into Ninth Street,North into Second Avenue, West into Fifth Street, North into Third Avenue, and concluded at the Golden Beach Entrance, at First Street and Third Avenue, Bartica Town, Region Seven.

During the opening Session that occurred before the Walk commenced, Remarks were provided to the Participants by Nurse Vanlange, who used the opportunity to describe to the Participants what is Cancer, it’s Signs and Symptoms, what to do when signs and symptoms are observed, the importance of early detection, how to help Vctims, and what are the undertakings towards Prevention.

Nurse Vanlange addressing Participants at the Cenotaph Area

Nurse Vanlange also urged Everyone to avoid being exposed to radiation, particularly in not sleeping with Electronic Devices.She also urged Everyone to regularly undertake Breast Examinations so as to aid in the early detection, with Pap Smears, and also, for everyone to take advantage of the available Vaccination. In summary Nurse Vanlange highlighted that Cancer cannot cripple Love or deter Hope, it cannot cover faith for once there is faith there is hope, it cannot take away peace or destroy our confidence, it cannot kill friendship, or shut out memory.

Bartica Town’s Breast Cancer Awareness Walk around Central Bartica Town, Region Seven.

The walk was then undertaken, in overcast Weather Conditions, that did not deterred the enthusiasm, of the wide cross section of participating Reprentatives, from the various Stakeholder Organizations within the Municipality of Bartica, that notably, included the Women Progressive Organization Bartica Town’s Chapter,and the Bartica Town’s Lions Club Chapter.

WPO Bartica Town’s Chapter.

They were all notably grateful to take advantage of the prevaling cool Weather Conditions, and the shelter, that the overhead Clouds provided from direct Sunlight, where they were able to gleefully enjoy, walking along the Route at a leisuely pace, also with noted satisfaction being had too with the Steel Pan accompaniment, that belted out familiar tantalizing melodious, and entertaining Renditions, which definitely assisted in sustaining the Participants’ zest.

This Walk was a significant Occasion for Bartica Town,Region Seven, in that it emphasized the importance of raising the Awareness for Breast Cancer, and other types of Cancer, as well as the need to support Cancer Survivors, and to also remember those who lost the Fight to Breast Cancer.


Edward Anthony Persaud


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