The Regional Police Division Number Seven on Tuesday 20th December, 2022 at around 11:30Hrs., hosted it’s Annual Christmas Luncheon and Award Ceremony 2022. The Ceremony was held at the St John the Baptist Primary School’s Auditorium Venue. Ranks within the Regional Police Division were recognized for their exceptional performance, and diligence shown throughout the Year 2022.

The Ceremony commenced with the recitating of the National Pledge, followed by Prayers from the Three main Religious Groups. Deputy Superintendent O. Pitt was the official Master of Ceremony.

Deputy Commander Mr Oswald Pitt

The Ceremony also included Constable George entertaining the gathering with a Song just before Lunch was served to the Police Ranks, and Invitees by Senior Police Officers of the Regional Police Division Number Seven.

As the Ceremony continued, Lance Corporal Burnett did an entertaining Calypso Song that was well appreciated by all in attendance.

Senior Superintendent, Mr. Dion Moore, then whiles delivering his Remarks noted that Police in the Region are unique, and strong, and he is proud of all of them. He also mentioned that an Award is an Affirmation, which is given to show appreciation for the Work that is being done, and to assure the Awardee that their hard work is being noticed.

This Year, the Region saw an overall reduction in Serious Crime by 12.8% when compared to last Year’s Figure. The Region also recorded reductions in Robbery Under Arms, Robbery with Violence, Break and Enter and Larceny, and Rape.

Regional Police Division Number Seven Christmas 2022 Awardees

Commander Moore stated that the Force is heading in a direction which will ensure that all Services will be available to the Residents in the Hinterland Areas. Services that were only accessible at the Regional Headquarters are now decentralized for those in the Hinterland Areas.

In closing his Remarks , Commander Moore noted the Ranks in the Region stand committed to serving the Members of the Public, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Rewarding 2023.


In attendance were Regional Chairman Mr. Kenneth Williams, Regional Executive Officer Mr. Kerwin Warde, Deputy Mayor Miss Arita Melville, President of the Bartica Speed Boat Association, Mr. Stephen Belle, Members of Blossom Inc., Ranks of Bartica Fire Service and other Special Invitees.

The Awardees were as follows:

OC# 1 Awards
For Outstanding Performance

  1. Sergeant 19475 Mentis
  2. W/Lance Corporal 22823 Tannassee
  3. Lance Corporal 2125 Lewis

Most improved

  1. Lance Corporal 22838 Hopkinson
  2. Constable 22835 Downer
  3. Constable 24741 Gordon

For Dedication

  1. Lance Corporal 24553 Benjamin
  2. Constable 25294 George
  3. Detective Constable 25454 Hercules

For Dedication CPG Member

  1. Joseph Cummings
    These Ranks were award Trophies.

Traffic Department

  1. Sergeant 18763 Gordon (Best Traffic Rank for the Year 2022)
  2. Lance Corporal 23867 Hanoman (Outstanding Performance)
  3. Constable 23459 Lord (Most Improved Traffic Rank)
  4. Lance Corporal 21842 Bugsborg (Most Discipline Traffic Rank)
  5. Constable 22080 Wilson (Most Dedicated Traffic Rank)
    These Ranks were award Trophies.
L-R : Lance Corporal Hanoman, Sergeant Gordon, Lance Corporal Bugsborg

Deputy Commander Award
For efficiency on the Job

  1. Corporal 21906 Cromwell
  2. Corporal 23466 Gasper
  3. Corporal 24101 Bamfield
  4. Corporal 21009 Li a Ping
  5. Corporal 14826 Sobers

CPG Members
For efficiency on the Job

  1. Roy Francis
  2. Sharon Prince
  3. Natasha Hope
  4. Alison Nelson
  5. Rodel King

Commander’s Award for Outstanding Performance

  1. Inspector K. Hyman (Community Relations Department)
  2. Woman Corporal 21514 Sealey (Gender Base Violence)
  3. Sergeant 22252 Harvey (Itaballi)
  4. Lance Corporal 24822 Wills (HQ)
  5. Constable 23611 Haly (Operation Room)
  6. Constable 25016 Gladstone (Bartica Station)
  7. Corporal 23466 Gasper (Stats/PRO)
  8. Lance 22883 Tannassee (Firearm)
  9. Special Constable 15896 Simon (Stats)
    These Ranks were awarded Trophies and Monetary Prizes.

External Commander’s Award Outstanding Performance 2022

Rural Corporal #1932 Mr. Edward A. Persaud

Rural Corporal # 1932 Mr Edward Anthony Persaud.
  1. Laison Officer Miss Gwendolyn Jeffery
  2. Retired Special Sergeants Jack & Hill
  3. Barack Labor Shondell Johnson
    These Ranks were awarded Trophies and Monetary Prizes.
Regional Police Division Number Seven 2022 Runner- up Best Cop W.Cpl. Mrs. SEALEY

Runner-up Best Cop
Woman Corporal 21514 Sealey

Regional Police Division Number Seven 2022
Best Cop Sgt.Harvey

Best Cop
Sergeant 22252 Harvey

(Report by Corporal Gasper and Photos by Constable Hercules)

Edward Anthony Persaud


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